Massage is an important step in keeping your body healthy!

Not only is it deeply relaxing but it increases our flexibility and encourages healthy circulation to our joints and muscles.

Matthew Galbreath, is a California licensed massage therapist who received his training at the National Holistic Institute where he graduated with honors from the Massage Therapy and Health Educator program. 

His specialties include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, and Zen Shiatsu massage. He has additional training in CranioSacral massage and has had multiple Reiki attunments; giving him a multitude of tools to use in every integrated Therapeutic Massage session he facilitates.

Matthew brings an extremely developed quality of touch, honed by providing massage and working closely with adults with Developmental Disablities; in addition to years of experience in spas, community healing centers and chiropractic offices. These experiences coupled with a large, warm presence and intuitive healing nature meld together for a one of a kind body work experience.