One in five couples today experience some degree of reproductive challenge. Stress, diet, lifestyle, advanced reproductive age, and an overwhelming amount of clinical conditions may be playing a part in your ability to both get pregnant and carry to term.

Whether you have been trying to conceive for some time without success, or want to prepare your body to be in optimal reproductive health before starting a family, acupuncture and herbal medicines can be a powerful tool towards reaching your fertility goals.

Eastern medicine has an incredible track record of enhancing fertility. Many couples after a few months of individualized care are able to conceive naturally. In some cases care must be coordinated with a reproductive endocrinologist to offer you optimal support. In both scenarios, the objective is the same, to nurture the aspects of the body that support reproduction and to pinpoint roadblocks that may be causing your infertility.

Every plan is different and may include:

- Acupuncture - Elimination of toxins

- Custom herbal medicines - Lifestyle modification

- Stress management - Exercise programs

- Supplementation - Ovulation education

Herbs and acupuncture have been successfully used to balance hormones, improve sperm and egg quality, reduce inflammation, increase circulation to the uterus, ovaries and pelvis, manage stress, regulate the menses, and treat a multitude of gynecological conditions. Even if you have had previous trouble conceiving, allowing yourself a few months of care to strengthen and nurture the body may be the last step towards carrying a happy, healthy baby.