Sarah Norvilas, L.Ac.  is the Founder of Meraki Wellness, and has spent the last decade guiding her patients to optimal health through the use of eastern, integrative and holistic remedies.

With a strong belief in the value of both eastern and western medicine, her practice merges acupuncture and herbal medicines with innovative laboratory testing, detox protocols and nutraceuticals to provide her patients with a truly universal approach to health care. 

With modern living demanding more of our physical bodies than ever, Sarah regards patient education, lifestyle modification and customized treatment plans that address both physical and emotional wellbeing as the most effective way to bring each patient back to their healthiest selves.

Sarah graduated Cum Laude, from Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicine with a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine and has received advanced training in Integrative Fertility.  She is a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist certified by the IPPA. and works closely with some of the best Reproductive Endocrinologists, OBGYN’s, Gastroenterologists and sports rehabilitative experts in Los Angeles.